1. Car / Vehicle security:
    1. 1. Automatic Engine lock.
    2. Real time Live track.
    3. Unlimited range.
    4. Remote start.
    5. Loud siren.
    6. SMS lock unlock
    7. Mileage report.
    8. Trafic update.
    9. Google map.
    10. Android Apps.
    11. Two way signal.
    12. Mobile calling
    13. Lifetime support.
    14. No monthly fees.
  2. Fire & gas leakage security : We generally face maximum fire incident from the short circuit, over voltage and risky gas leakage. In this system there will be installed one automation system those will send you loud siren and operation will be off automatically if there is any fault in total gas and electricity system.

  1. General door security : Household, office and industrial door or entry point security is very important. We are offering here one smart security package where there is one 360deg. routable cc camera, one lock hardware set that you can operate through mobile apps. You can also open the door lock through fingerprint or password.

  2. Industrial Security automation : In the package we will provide the support and service to cover the inter industrial area covered by night vision cc camera visible from any where home and abroad. We will ensure the full auto control of any risk of gas and electricity like risky gas leakage, electric short circuit and high voltage.

  1. Portable CC camera : In this package we are offering very simple portable cc camera that is usable in the electric bulb holder in home, restaurant, office , industry and also in any public place . You can see the picture covering this camera from anywhere through your mobile phone . you can get screen shot , record sound also . This camera is night vision camera and 360 deg routable so you are relaxed about you security issues always.

    This products feature :-
    This camera feature:-
    1. 2MP
    3. Wi-Fi ( 100 meter without Wi-Fi)
    4. Full color night vision.
    5. 360 degree rotatable by andriod app.
    6. 128 GB portable memory card inbuilt.
    7. Nearest voice tracking system.
    8. Online installation guide service .
    9. One year warranty .